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Be Safe in The Hague

The Hague is a reasonably safe place to visit compared with other European cities. The crime rate is fairly low and most people you meet will be friendly and trustworthy


The Hague is generally a safe place and most visitors should have a problem-free trip. You should still take extra precautions as you would do when visiting any place for the first time. Serious crimes, such as murder and assaults are low, and the most common problem for visitors will be bag snatchers and pickpockets. Be vigilant and take care to safeguard passports and wallets. Don't carry large amounts cash or your passport with you or leave them in your hotel room. Use the security facilities that may be available at your accommodation. Pickpockets tend to operate in crowded places such as the tourist sites and on public transport. Keep expensive watches and jewellery out of sight and purses and wallets in front pockets. Walking around the city centre is safe but take care at night, especially if going to bars and clubs. Theft from cars is also a problem so avoid leaving any valuables in a vehicle no matter where it's parked. Don't be afraid to ask the police for help if you have any problems. They are competent and generally very helpful.


There are few health concerns in The Hague and no special vaccinations are required. If you do fall ill or have an accident, there are modern medical facilities available and treatment is good. EU citizens benefit from reciprocal healthcare arrangements from their own country, but other nationalities should have travel insurance to cover hospital costs.

Ambulance: 112
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